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These are some of the items which are mentioned or alluded to in the podcast 'The Shambler From the Stars'. Other items have been uploaded by 'I is for Investigate' staff for your information.

A collection of postcards created by The Church of Starry Wisdom. The three oldest postcards are from the files of the Department for Para-Scientific Research (DPSR) and date from the 18-1900's. The last postcard in this set was found in the house of author Phillip Truelove. There was nothing written on the back, but it had an indent in the middle which showed that it had been put through the mail flap in his door. The language has been identified as  R'lyehian.

1998 Ipswich Church of Starry Wisdom.jpg
Paper Texture

Newspaper Articles Mentioned in the Podcast

The items to the right and directly below are referred to by Sylvia Grant in Episode 2.

The news items at the bottom, is the one purportedly written by Henry Carlson. Actually, he and the other reporters on the scene were 'told' what to write. This item is discussed in Episode 1.

Suffolk & Essex newspaper, B&W.png
Phillip Truelove death - Carlson correction.jpg

Jennifer Morgan's 'Street Art' Photos

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