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About Us

     Hello from the 'Destination: Yesterday' team.

     And who are we? Two eccentric lovers of all things creative, be that writing, music, art or things somewhere in the middle or close to the edges.

     Entertainment. That's the ticket. A podcast sounds like great fun. Our Repertory Theatre Group will get working on that with our 'I is for Investigate' series based on stories by HP Lovecraft and his circle.


     A video? We have three in production! Perhaps  some music? Follow the link above to check out songs by the creators of this website, albeit under our performance names.

     First, though,we have the great task of putting together an attractive website and keeping it up to date. That would be made easier if our cats didn't want to help by typing up their own submissions while walking across the keyboard of our PC. (Hmmm... Is that 'personal computer' or 'pussy-cat'? I'll have to give that more thought.)

     For now, let's move forward to adventure! This site isn't going to grow by itself, so it's about time we editors got on with the business of filling this space with whatnots and thingamabills and bobs.

     Wander around freely, but don't get lost between the pages. Your hosts look forward to sharing our past and present with you in the future.

                                                                                                        Michelle & Neil

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