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A beautiful black and white cat named Robbie stretches out in a lawn chair grabbing one arm of the chair with both paws and resting his head on his paws in rapt attention.

"And then what happened?"

Are you sitting comfortably?

(Stories suitable for all cats & kittens.)

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Mister Smudge, Sandy the polar bear and Bucky Bunny

have an interesting converstaion during a picnic.

For Aged 'Magic: The Gathering' Players

If you know your dragon God facts, this story is for you.

Well... more an extended joke

The Surprise, Surprise Party

Martha, the hedgehog, has a wonderful idea of how she can

surprise one of her friends on their birthday.

a dark, evil dragon with curling, devilish horns, looking outward, photographic, realistic.jpg
A beige teddy bear of sorts. He is wearing a long, colourful tie around his neck. He has roundish ears and a big smile. This is Mister Smudge.
A toy hedgehog. This is Martha.

Long Distance Runaround

Sandy the polar bear tells a very silly story For 'Yes' fans. Can you find all of the song titles? (There are over 100!)

The Bed Ship

On a rainy summer day, Sandy is not very happy that a planned picnic will not be possible, so Mister Smudge suggests a way they can have fun despite the weather.

DSCN2027 1 Sandy at rainy window.png

Encounter at Innsmouth Harbour

A boy wanders off through the streets of Innsmouth while his father speaks to a repairman who's fixing his car. (For all HP Lovecraft Historical Society members out there!)

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