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Podcasts, Storytelling, Music & Photography

This website has been designed as a portal to discovery and adventures in time, music, images, audio, video and text. ​If you enjoy travel, mysteries, humour, and an occasional scare, we hope you will enjoy the variety we have to offer.

We invite you to discover our 'I is For Investigate' series of Lovecraftian horror podcasts. The first of these was 'The Shambler From the Stars'; the infamous story in which writer Robert Bloch kills off a character he based on HP Lovecraft. Our follow up podcast will be 'Dagon', coming out in Summer 2024. We will also be producing readings of short horror stories by cast memebers of our 'I is for Investigate' Audio Theatre Group, This is an ongoing project so keep checking what is available under our 'Eldritch Horror' tab.

We're still developing our 'Time Machine', so at the moment it's a bit erratic. One moment we're in the 1980's and then suddenly we're in the 1930's. Don't worry; 'whenever' we go, we can take you with us. The tickets are free and the destinations are few, but growing. It's early days, and our experiments take... time.

Please join us for a restful, stress-free holiday. 'Destination: Yesterday' exists to help you 'get away from it all' without cost, fuss or damage to the environment. So put away your umbrellas and coats, then sit back and relax.

Remember: If you’re the type who likes a little souvenir of your travels, you could check out our online shop, where we offer items with our logo and a variety of prints from our years of travelling.

It’s time consuming preparing these ‘journeys’, but if you subscribe, you will know when the next ‘dreamcation’ is available.


Until then, we look forward to taking you back in time.                                                                                      Your Guides,

                                                              MP-B and NB

North Yorkshire Moors Railway. LNER Thompson/Peppercorn Class K1 at Whitby station. Driver and staff member take a break.

Your Free Ticket to Adventure

Small, old fashilned grey railway ticket.
Old fashioned, small, green railway ticket.

LNER Thompson/ Peppercorn Class K1 at Whitby station

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