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Starry Sky
Cosmic Sky
Shambler From The Stars Part 1 - 33 percent.png

Episode 1

Truelove & Consequences

Released January 1st, 2024.

Running Time: 47:32

Bonus - Research Notes on Brett Laurence 

In this Bonus Item uploaded by Eoghan Blakewell, background information on Brett Laurence is provided for Jennifer Morgan prior to a hospital visit to see the young author. 

Running Time: 2:51 

B Laurence in hospital.jpg
Research Notes

Episode 2

The Best Story Ever

Released January 15th, 2024

Running Time: 56:57

Episode 3

Buy The Book

Released February 2nd, 2024

Running Time: 54:35

Episode 4

Death From the Sky

Released February 16th, 2024

Running Time: 52:29

Episode 5

Clipping a Branch

To be released on March 1st, 2024

Running time: 50:57

Epilogue (2).jpg

Epilogue: 'A Little Chat' 

Eoghan Blakewell has a talk with his newest staff member, Jennifer Morgan, making sure she's okay after her first encounter with an other-worldly creature.

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