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Weaver of Dreams

Piped to the gates by calliope

Children flock, restless eyes flicker

Incurring delight

Painted ponies prance

Tarot tiger's trance

Come join in the dance - round about.


Star ring toss light turning night to day

Flossed parents of seagull-cry babies

Candy held tight.

Who'll win the tapestry

From Dream Weavers' loom?


Years shift to edge approach cautiously

Clanging sweet spice touches ears

Silver-blue orbs invite

Flashing fingers fly

Clashing colours try

Coins will fail to buy - midnight's fire.


Delight prised open eyes radiant glow

Joy drowned in jingle kaleidoscoping

In mid-flight.

Yours is the tapestry

 From Dream Weavers' loom.


Vacant the Valley once veiled in joy

 Mornings' mist memories move sand lightly

Losing the trail

Little lingering

Litter left to cling

Lonely breezes swing - trapeze clouds.


Night nestles napping in soft and bone

Lemon peel bells bid sleep drift and threads

Strum in ghost hands.

Wind through the tapestry

Dream Weavers' lullaby.

'Weaver of Dreams' lyrics and music by

M Perry-Brooker.

'Rosewater Memories' lyrics by M Perry-Brooker and music by N Brooker.

Both tracks are from the album 'Fast They Were at Running' by Seashore Eclectic Railway aka SER.

Rosewater Memories

I saw you walking in the park today

Wrote your name in a sandbox

Next to it I drew a smiley -

Face the facts, it's clear

Like the sand that gets inside my shoes

Thoughts of you cannot be shaken

There will always be a grain

At times I'll find you irritating

1st Chorus:

Sent a paper boat floating

across the pond to you

unfolding it running pen-inked words

that you couldn't read.

Dancing over chalk-lined sidewalks

Trying not to let you see me

But wanting to be noticed

Following you past name-carved benches

Inside feeling like I'm balancing

On a wooden fence.

Picnic sitting back to back we were

When I squirted you with ketchup

Sorry saying through my smiling face

As red as the stain

Like those things that washing won't remove

Thoughts of you won't go away

I get caught inside of that

Fabric of reverie.

2nd Chorus:

Then a paper plane came flying

and landed next to me

Unfolding it stick drawn boy and girl

Then you winked at me


Gravity worked hard that day

for our feet never left the ground

I tightly held your hand

Four-step tripping past the town square fountain

With wind dance partner Rose Petals

Falling on the water.


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