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What We Do


Welcome to 'I' is for Investigate. We are a team of paranormal experts, investigative journalists and psychic investigators who, in conjunction with law enforcement specialists, look into cases which are considered 'special' due to details which are out of the ordinary.

​When the various policing forces run up against a brick wall and mark a case as 'dead', that is usually the beginning for us. We work with top government agencies and each of our employees undergo rigorous security checks on a regular basis.

Cases which were once deemed sensitive, are being declassified by various governments. Presenting our work to the public seemed appropriate in the current environment since many people have come forward with amazing stories in the wake of podcasts and series which deal with 'otherworldly' themes. The stigma which used to be attached to this area is lessening rapidly and this makes it easier for our investigative team when they are working 'in the field'.

We attempt to be neutral in all investigations and operate in pairs in order to attain different points of view, teaming persons with differing skills and outlooks in order to get a more balanced look at any reported 'unusual' events.

I will repeat that we 'attempt' to be honest with our readers: Neutrality is not a natural state for human beings, however it is a state which we strive to achieve.

Our Statement


There are some people who believe that being a sceptic keeps them safe in today's world. But at 'I is for Investigate,' we believe that if mankind always strives to not believe what our senses and instincts tell us, then we run the danger of ignoring possible truths. We become dehumanised when over-used scientific axioms hold full sway encouraging us all to be sceptics, always providing the same set of reasons to explain phenomena. It is just as bad as the other way around: Believing everything.

Like we need a balanced diet to sustain our bodies, we also need a balanced mind-set which allows for the logical and the unexplained; the so-called inconceivable. (Very poor word, that: If we can conceive of it to give it voice, it is not inconceivable.) Consider this: If we try to tear down all that seems unbelievable and otherworldly without giving it the benefit of a doubt, we could lose sight of the possibilities of the universe and condemn ourselves to ignorance and vulnerability.​

...If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too...
(Rudyard Kipling - 'If')

Have You Seen Anything Unusual?


We are available to look into matters brought to our attention by the public. Since we are privately funded, no fees are required. Please note, however, that if your case is ingenuine and it is discovered that we have been purposely misled, you will be charged a flat rate of £100.00 per hour and legal action may be taken. This measure is only in place to prevent fraudulent reports. You will also be required to undergo a security check before we begin any investigations on your behalf.

​If you have witnessed unexplainable phenomena, please contact us using the form below. If you wish to remain anonymous, please note that we have a way of tracking you and security checks will take place. However, if you pass the checks, we will not approach you or make your name known to other law enforcement or government agencies.

London flying saucer - shrunk.png

* NOT A GENUINE FLYING SAUCER - it's a digitally edited picture of a light fitting at Charing Cross Station in London. But, you get the point.

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